Stormy Weather to Hit Central Coast

tips forpreparing for stormy wather

As we prepare for wet weather ahead, we urge you to begin prepping  your property for disaster.

A few tips to help you get started preparing for rain and windy weather include:

Clean Your Gutters

We know it’s the last thing you want to do when you get home from work, but trust us, it’s a whole lot better than having drainage issues when the weather starts to get bad. If your gutters are not allowing the excess rain water to drain properly, you may encounter unwanted flooding.

Should you use sandbags? 

We say if it’s a question, you should get some sandbags. There’s nothing worse than knowing you should have done something. Instead of thinking, “I should have filled some sandbags” or “if only I had put sandbags out,” we suggest just preparing or picking up some sandbags and place in areas that may flood. This relatively minor step can save you thousands if your home is prone to flooding. Need help finding sandbags, contact us and we can help direct you to locations, 831.375.4777.

Store Your Patio Furniture

If you can move it…so can the wind (more than likely). So, it’s time to store those chairs, umbrellas and other decorations away until the wet and windy weather passes. If not, you could have furniture or umbrellas flying into your windows. This advice goes to the kids toys, too. If you have any toys (think plastic mini-pools, free standing basketball hoops, etc…), it’s highly recommended to either weigh them down or bring them in.

TIMBER…. fallen tree’s

PRS has been working on multiple homes where tree’s have fallen on them lately. The ground is not stable and mass amounts of water will only weaken roots holding tree’s up. Take a walk around your property and notice any potential issues you may encounter with tree’s. If possible, call a tree service company to advise on how to move forward. Further, see if you need to have them trimmed or removed completely. A local tree company we have used is Topes Tree Service (St. Contr. Lic # 669057    Phone: (831) 373-7765)

What if you need us? 

We are here to help you. It’s that simple. Just contact us at 831.375.4777 and let us be your advocate in getting your property back together. Our team is available 24-hours daily for all you property needs and questions.

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